Want Better Conversion Rates? Retargeting is the Way to Get Them

Want Better Conversion Rates? Retargeting is the Way to Get Them

A tailored retargeting campaign will outperform all other digital marketing initiatives with direct, personalized ads targeting potential customers who have already expressed interest in your business by visiting your website. The number one goal of retargeting is to drive conversions. By presenting those potential customers with compelling personalized ads, you building a relationship that will lead your online business to a conversion improvement of between 30 to 50%.

Want better conversion rates? Retargeting is the way to get them. Instead of leaving it up to fate, take control with a smart retargeting campaign to help your 'lost customers' find their way back to you.

On average, only 2% of visitors will take action on their first visit to your website, that leaves an enormous 98% bounce rate. The question you're probably asking yourself is, 'will they return?’ To answer that question, you need to know how to answer these questions:

  • Where is the customer in the buying cycle?
  • How do you stack up against your competitors?
  • Do they even remember you and your product?

The Importance of the Marketing Cycle for Retargeting

Customize ads to target where buyers are in the marketing cycle is known as sequential retargeting. A one-size-fits-all remarketing plan is impersonal with far less impact than an ad campaign that will pinpoint the stage of interaction the user is ready for in the marketing cycle.

When a potential buyer is at the beginning of the marketing cycle, they are in the awareness phase; researching how your products or services could be useful. The next two phases, consideration and evaluation prompt the buyer to determine their needs and the service or product value by cost comparison and further research. Intent leads to making a purchasing decision. The next phase is sales - the actual conversion, but we're not finished there. Our marketing cycle extends to loyalty and advocacy. Retargeting can also be focused on customer retention and encouraging your new customer to share their experience with a positive review.

The Top 7 retargeting options to consider for your retargeting campaign:

1. Email Retargeting

Email retargeting is a common method that can be utilized to target individual potential customers or a broader bulk category (useful in targeting current customers). By segmenting your audience, you have the power to customize individual emails for where the customer is in the marketing cycle and present new offers for customer retention.

2. Retargeting on Social Media

With nearly 70% of US adults active on at least one social media network, it just makes sense to utilize these platforms to retarget your ideal audience with media that will direct them back to your website. Social media helps you continually remind already interested individuals of your brand, services and products.

3. Abandoned Cart Retargeting

Online retailers know the importance of shopping cart recovery. By simply reminding potential buyers that they did not complete their purchase will lead to increased conversions without any additional special deals or discount offers on your part.

4. Up-Selling Retargeting

You already have a relationship with your current customers, so retargeting for an upsell is a great marketing tactic to introduce new products and services and keep engagement for vital customer retention.

5. Content Retargeting

While conversions are the main goal of retargeting, content retargeting will help to foster awareness of your brand, especially if you are a new business or your products and services are unfamiliar. Content like blog articles, infographics, photos, videos and social media posts can introduce and explain what you're all about and lead to awareness - the first phase in the marketing cycle.

6. Time Delayed Retargeting

Sometimes potential buyers need to be nurtured. Time delayed retargeting is very similar to sequential targeting, but you will be continuing with ads or emails to present information and helpful media in sequential order, over an extending period of time. By following the marketing cycle, you can build a converting relationship through delayed retargeting nurturing.

7. Re-Engagement Retargeting

New offers, holiday specials and deals for existing customers will bring your past customers back to you. Re-engagement retargeting reminds your loyal customers of how much they like you and will turn into return customer sales to deepen your connection and their loyalty.

Get a Second Chance to Convert Customers with a Professional Retargeting Strategy

Utah SEO Pros has the experience to manage your retargeting campaign based on data collected from your target metrics to bring you an incredible ROI. We will build, monitor, and continuously update your high-conversion retargeting campaign to ensure maximum performance. If you're ready to get another chance at the 98% of bounced potential customers, contact Utah SEO Pros for your free digital marketing analysis and consultation at (801) 413-7734 today.

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