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Social media is constantly changing; whether it be adjustments to the Facebook algorithm, the new business analytics in Instagram, or the newest social media platform, it can be hard to keep up with it all. Instead of chasing your tail by trying to keep up with the latest social media trends, hire the expert social media marketing team at SEO Pros to do it for you. Our social media professionals stay on top of cutting-edge social media trends and tools to grow your brand.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing Management

We’ll handle the hard stuff while you focus on other aspects of your business. There are numerous benefits you’ll get from a dedicated social strategy such as:
  • Gain Valuable Customer Insight - You’ll be able to see demographics from your social media following that to help you advertise your brand to the right people with the right messaging.
  • Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty - Having constantly monitored social media gives you the opportunity to build.
  • Reach the Right Customers - Get advanced targeting to help you reach the right customer in a decision-making moment.
  • Share Content Faster and Easier - Share content faster and easier to improve your brand awareness.

If your goal in digital marketing matches any of those, you’ll want to start your social media strategy as soon as possible. Social media is a marketing tool that gives you real time results and travels at a fast pace. Hire the experts at SEO Pros who know how to travel through the rough waters of social media today!

Social Media Marketing Management Services

We’re a local Utah social media marketing management company with an experienced team that provides you 24/7 support. We offer competitive social media packages that are focused on ROI with no long-term contracts. Your entire social media package is customized to your needs, branding and goals from your social media campaign. Your social media marketing campaign includes the following:

Dedicated Utah Social Media Manager

When you choose the Utah SEO Pros to be your social media management company, you get a dedicated social media manager. You’ll get a full-time person who manages and creates a custom social media posting strategy meets your campaign goals. They’ll work closely with you and your team to set up your social media channels, optimize them, and execute a custom social strategy that is in line with your company’s voice, goals, and budget. Your social strategy is built around your specific goals. Whether you are trying to get more Twitter followers, get the most out of your Facebook following or interact with fans on Instagram, the social media team at the Utah SEO Pros has the experience, industry insights, and advanced training to help you get the most out of your social channels.

Custom Social Media Posts

Depending on your marketing package and your industry, your in-house social media manager creates a custom posting calendar that leverages the best social media channels for your brand. Your social media manager writes high-quality posts for your business. For example, if you have a great brand with beautiful visual images, your social media manager designs a custom Instagram posting strategy. If you have a great physical product, then you might perform better on Facebook. Your social media manager takes these factors into account when they build your custom posting strategy from the start of your campaign. These posts go to your social media channels on a daily basis based on the social media package you choose with SEO Pros. These social posts include professional articles, high-quality images, interactive videos, and great written content.
All of your posts are relevant to your brand’s industry and target your ideal audience. Our experienced social media team works with you determine your target audience and create a specifically designed campaign around YOUR brand. We’ll create promotional, education, and engaging posts that drive you more traffic and generate more leads.

24/7 Analytical Reporting Access

When you choose the Utah SEO Pros, you’ll get a custom reporting dashboard that you can access 24/7 to see your social media marketing campaign’s performance. Each month you’ll meet with your account manager to review how your campaign has performed. We work hard to deliver the results you receive go in line with your overall goals. We use advanced analytics in order to track how well we are meeting those campaign goals in a way that is easy to review.

Managed Reputation

Your dedicated social media manager monitors your social media channels on a daily basis for any positive or negative reviews, comments, and messages. If you receive a negative message, we reach out to you immediately to determine the best approach in handling the situation. If you receive a positive review, message, or comment, we respond positively and thank the user for their feedback. Our goal is to respond to every message, review, and comment, within a 24 hour period! The more responsive you are on your social media channels the better your reputation becomes!

Custom Facebook Boost Strategy

With the updated Facebook algorithm, you don’t grow a social following on Facebook by just sharing your content on your page. The best way to grow your social following and leverage Facebook is through using targeted “boosts” of your content. We work with you to determine a suitable boost budget for your Facebook posts and then your social media manager strategically choose the best posts on your Facebook page to grow your following at the most cost-effective rate. This is also part of our overall content strategy and drives highly targeted engagement and exposure to your brand. This means your content is seen not only by your social media followers on Facebook, but also potential new customers through our advanced targeting techniques.

Social Media Contest Creation & Management

If you are a new brand or a brand with a low following on social media, a great way to gain more followers is through contests. Your social media manager designs a custom contest to generate a massive amount of exposure for your brand! More exposure means you’ll get higher engagement and increase your following! Your social media manager works directly with you to determine a prize, create a campaign idea, and run it from start to finish working with you to deliver the prize to the winner.

Custom Social Media Cover Photo Design

Our team of skilled graphic designers work with you to create a custom high-quality cover photos for all of the major social media channels. These give you branded look between all social media profiles and make you look more professional. We also work with you on a quarterly basis to create unique seasonal cover photos that are relevant to your brand and offerings.

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