7 Amazon Review Features

7 Amazon Review Features

As one of America's most reputable brands, Amazon is killing it in online sales with the title of world's largest online retailer. In March 2018 Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, chairman and CEO was formally designated as the wealthiest person on the planet, boasting a net worth of $112 billion according to Forbes, which makes him the very first centi-billionaire on the wealth index.

There must be a secret formula to incredible success like that, right? Well, there is. Amazon is customer-obsessed and combined with operational excellence; Amazon has created a culture of trust for both shoppers and sellers. The jet fuel that powers the e-commerce pioneer is review creation. Amazon sellers have access to a full arsenal of review tools, unique features, and analytics. Shoppers appreciate the transparency built on a fair and honest foundation.

Amazon's Amazing Review Community

The actual review platform embodies clarity and truth where a consumer's diverse opinions are valued, where they can openly ask questions and either agree or disagree with other reviewers. Amazon's Community Guidelines offer reviewer advice and clearly state that inappropriate behavior is condemned, and action will be taken when necessary.

Amazon Sellers Benefit with Valuable Reviews

With review requests firmly under their belts, Amazon sellers have specific on-site features that collectively enhance each review and therefore, increase its value. Features like reviewer sorting, verified purchases, the ratio between positive and negative reviews, a star-ratings filter and discussion threads are all compiled on the product review page with at-a-glance stats and easy access to more detailed information. Here are the top 7 Amazon review features to inspire all of you e-commerce entrepreneurs:

#1 Reviewer Sorting

When customers provide feedback, Amazon asks very specific questions about their buying experience and who they are. Reviewers are sorted into three categories to give other consumers a better idea of the review's true sentiment. Enthusiasts, verified purchase reviewers or professional reviewers are clearly identified so the reader can make their own assessment about the quality of the review to aid in their purchasing decision.

#2 Verified Purchase

The common verified purchase feature shows potential buyers that the review is legitimate because they have actually purchased the product. The verified purchase reviewer can provide first-hand knowledge about the seller's shipping habits, customer service and valuable hands-on experience with the product. These unbiased product reviews are pure gold for the seller and potential consumer.

#3 Sort and Filter Options for Reviews

A seller's review page holds the key analytical information to help customers make a purchasing decision based on product reviews with an invaluable positive to negative calculated ratio. Users have the option to sort and filter results to view what they value most:

  • Top Rated Reviews
  • Most Recent Reviews
  • Verified Purchase Only
  • Star Rating by Stars or Positive vs. Critical
  • Seller-Specific Formats (i.e. 'show reviews for model A only')
  • Image and Video Reviews Only

#4 Star Ratings

Star ratings range from one to five, with five being the highest and one being the lowest possible rating. Users can quickly sum up the performance and quality of the product, shipping and customer service by the average number of stars. A product’s star ratings are not calculated using raw data averages. Instead, factors like helpfulness votes, verified purchases, and the rating’s date contribute to the average rating through a machine-learned model.

#5 Question and Answer Section

Eighty-eight percent of shoppers research a product online before making a purchase. Consumers want to be informed, and Amazon is the best place to find out everything they need to know about quality, value, price-range and other specifics for a vast array of products. The question and answers section give potential and past customers the opportunity to ask for information that is not published in the product description and the chance to see what other customers want to know. The seller can truly shine in this forum by providing useful feedback. The potential consumer can then vote to show if the answer was helpful or not.

#6 Discussion Threads

An Amazon discussion thread gives consumers a great tool to extend a conversation about a single product. These conversations can be prompted by the value of the product or a particular problem. This open dialog can help the seller identify issues and make improvements to their product(s) and customer service policies in a measurable way. Discussion threads give people the space to tell personal stories, express expectations or missed expectations and clear up inaccurate or misleading information. The seller has the opportunity to monitor the conversation quietly or join in to offer their unique expertise. A topic-specific discussion thread with credible input can provide the information a potential buyer needs to make their purchase with confidence.

#7 Top Reviewer Badges

Amazon likes to reward their best contributors with badges. Reviewers who frequently provide interesting or helpful reviews and readily answer questions can be awarded a badge to show how they are recognized by Amazon and its users. While the vast majority of reviewers are amateurs, top contributors and select users can hold one of the following badge titles:

  • #1 Reviewer Badge
  • Top # Reviewer Badge (from 10 - 1000)
  • Hall of Fame Reviewer Badge
  • Top Contributor Badge
  • Amazon Verified Profile Badge
  • Amazon Official Badge
  • Author, Artist or Manufacturer Badge
  • THE Badge

These coveted badges convey experience and authenticity to help consumers know what sort of person a review was contributed by. An Amazon badge holder provides detailed, clear and concise reviews. Some badge holders may have vast experience or a unique point of view. Amazon users will know when they come across a review created by a someone who has earned an Amazon badge by the identifying symbol naming the type of badge attached to the user profile.

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