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Effective PPC Management is Key

A properly managed PPC campaign is the most lucrative way to achieve a fast ROI with online marketing. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an ad model which allows you to pay for highly targeted searchers, and you pay for each click your ad gets on sites such as Google, Facebook, and Bing. PPC is great for local companies, national brands, and eCommerce stores. At SEO Pros, your campaign has a dedicated PPC manager that makes optimizations to the campaign every week, AND our commitment to transparency provides you with details of our weekly work. We’ve helped hundreds of local businesses expand their operations at unmatched speed through proven, industry-leading optimizations and techniques.

If you’re a local Utah business in need of PPC Management, contact SEO Pros for a free marketing analysis!

Benefits of PPC

  • Fastest way to achieve an online ROI.
  • Advanced targeting options allow you to reach the right customer in a decision moment.
  • You only pay when interested users interact with your ads.
  • A set budget lets you control the costs of your campaign.
  • Use data from PPC campaign to fuel other marketing efforts.

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a branch of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). PPC allows you to choose ad targeting options such as geographical location, income level, and searches for a given keyword to create an ideal audience for your ad. Your ad then displays to anyone meeting your criteria, and you pay the advertiser for every click the ad gets. The SEO Pros charges a percentage of your ad spend to determine pricing.

PPC Campaign Management Services


Facebook PPC Management

As the leading social media giant, Facebook Ads offer a more tailored approach than Google AdWords or other competitors in the field. They also come in multiple formats and are bundled with Facebook’s performance tracking tools: Ad Manager, Power Editor, and Business Manager.


Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is the proverbial 800-lb gorilla: nobody offers wider access for less money. You can control when your ads are seen, how much you spend, and what words you target, but not much else. Expect to pay out the nose if you aren’t careful.


Bing PPC Management

While typically overlooked in the average internet marketing strategy, Bing Ads bring a surprising amount of spunk to the table. Despite costing consistently less than Google AdWords, the average click through Bing Ads results in 25% more sales and, furthermore, there are no costs for displaying your ad—you only ever pay if someone clicks on it.


TrueView PPC Management

YouTube ads, offered through Google’s TrueView advertising service, are unique primarily for two reasons: 1) you only pay after the viewer watches the entire ad or for more 30 seconds (whichever is shorter) and 2) they can run as long as you want. That offers unmatched versatility and pricing along with 3 possible placements for your ad.



If you ever felt like a company’s ad was suddenly everywhere after you visited its website, you can thank Google’s remarketing service Adhesion. If a visitor comes along but doesn’t buy what you’re selling right then, they’re much more likely to be influenced by your ads than someone who hasn’t visited your site. What’s more important is that obtaining this sale costs you far less than trying to get a new visitor.

The Utah SEO Pros Are Your PPC Management Solution

If you don’t have the expertise to run this kind of campaign in-house, take advantage of the time and money saved by allowing Utah SEO Pros to do it for you. We have the proper tracking integrations and the skills to watch your campaigns and alter them as necessary as part of an on-going strategy. We are a transparent digital marketing company focused on achieving the best ROI possible for your brand. We provide our PPC clients a dedicated account manager so you can talk to someone about your campaign whenever you need.

Contact (801) 413-7734 to learn how the Utah SEO Pros can help you optimize your pay per click campaign experience.


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