Pay-Per-Click Management Solutions

  • Paid Advertising and PPC Management Solutions

    PPC Management (pay-per-click) is a branch of SEM (search engine marketing) which allows us to take your business and put it in front of highly targeted online searchers that are actively looking for your services. The Utah SEO Pros are seasoned veterans with skills designed to maximize your ROI on the Google AdWords and Yahoo!/Bing pay-per-click platforms.

  • See an ROI Through a Well Managed PPC Campaign

    Receive a $100 Credit with Google AdWords upon starting a campaign.
    We look at your demographic and focus on accurately converting targets and keywords while gauging cost, click-throughs, site performance, and time.

    • Consistent ROI Achievers for our Clients.
    • Analysis and improvement testing of your Google Quality Score.

What Is The Google AdWords Secret?

gqc-google-quality-scoreThe secret to creating and marketing a successful PPC (pay per click) Campaign is optimizing and maintaining a high Google Quality Score (GQC), which is something the Utah SEO Pros excel at.

AdWord Ranking = Bid Price x Quality Score

By building campaigns through our company, you can have a system that can achieves the Google Quality Scores that beats out competition. We commonly see up to a 90% reduction on each click when able to optimize a website!

Your business also benefits by having an advertisement listed with 1st page search results.

Our Utah SEO Pros pay per click management services have a large focus on increasing a campaign’s Google Quality Score in order to generate more clicks, leads, customers, and more for less. With amazing benefits like these, it is hard to argue against a PPC Campaign provided by the Utah SEO Pros.

Receive higher rankings, lower your costs, and save time from marketing your business to instead, running your business.

Running Large PPC Campaigns In-House?

mobile-ppc-advertisingIf you’re running a pay per click campaign in-house, you know that it can put heavy demands on your time and resources, especially money. In fact, people who run PPC in-house are likely to find that the venture is extremely expensive and the results that they are getting are not what they desire.

The dissatisfaction with in-house PPC campaigns will increase as more complex features are added to pay per click campaigns. In April of 2013 a new version of Google AdWords came out with more features than versions from the last five years! This means that many business owners are struggling to stay on top of their campaigns while their competitors utilize marketing agencies to their benefit.

If you don’t have the expertise to run this kind of campaign in-house, take advantage of the time and money saved by allowing Utah SEO Pros to do it for you. We have the proper tracking integrations and the skills to watch your campaigns and alter them as necessary as part of an on-going strategy. Contact 801-413-7734 to learn how the Utah SEO Pros can help you optimize your pay per click campaign experience.

We will provide a Free Consultation over the phone in order to get proper footing with any new or current campaign.

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