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What is Retargeting?

Have you ever felt like a company’s product or service was suddenly everywhere after you visited a website; if so, you can thank Google’s retargeting service Adhesion. If a online visitor comes to your site but doesn’t buy what you’re selling right then, they’re much more likely to be influenced by your ads than someone who hasn’t visited your site. What’s more important is that this sale will cost you far less than trying to get a new visitor will! Tracking and analyzing these micro and macro conversions can help your business get the most out of your marketing dollars.

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Remarketing vs. Retargeting

The digital marketing industry is not unified in its terminology or standard practices. For us, remarketing and retargeting are synonyms. For others, remarketing is specifically trying to re-engage visitors via email while retargeting tries to re-engage visitors via ads. The basic idea of both terms is the same: to re-engage people who displayed a previous interest in your products or services. It’s just the methodology that sometimes changes.

Why You’re Here: Getting More Conversions for Less Money

No matter how great your site is or how many sales you make, there will always be some visitors who got away without buying anything. Maybe they got distracted, had to talk to their spouse, or just got cold feet. Regardless, you know they have some interest--and that interest means they’re likely to buy what you’re selling sooner or later. This is where retargeting (aka “remarketing”) comes in. If you have visitors to your site, who leave without committing to a purchase, remarketing targets those visitors with ads to get them to come back and buy what they had been reviewing. Think of it as a game of tag. A visitor comes to your site, “tagging” you into the game, then runs away. So the idea is to “tag” the visitor back using banner ads or other advertisements that will convince them to return to your site. You know they’re interested, so you leverage that to seal the deal. That’s how you get more conversions for less money! However, remarketing isn’t as simple as placing banners up and all of a sudden you’ll get loads more conversions on your site. The remarketing experts at Utah SEO Pros will build a custom strategy based on your web visitors, conversions, and goals to create a remarketing campaign that will generate more and more conversions as time goes on.

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