Should You Hire a Utah SEO Company or Not?

Should You Hire a Utah SEO Company or Not?

SEO – I know it’s important, you know it’s important…But the question is...

Why is SEO Important?

You can make this as complicated or as simple as you’d like, but SEO is about money – Making a profit, and having the patience to make that profit.  It’s about entrusting a company with the experience to get your brand the exposure you need to make your website more appealing.  SEO takes time, sometimes even up to 6 months to achieve the desired results.  It is a monetary investment and a committed relationship with the team you choose to get you the results you need.  But in short, it is so worth it.

Does Location Matter?

At this day and time, the location of an SEO company doesn’t matter.  However on the flip side, location is extremely important for a website!  The internet in this day and age is changing at warp speed, in fact by the time you’re done reading this it is safe to say that something has already dramatically changed online (probably another Facebook overhaul or update!).  Yet in the midst of all the information online, an SEO company finds a way to make a website stick out and rank higher.  The key component to starting an SEO company is the knowledge and education of how the entire process works and how to convince a client of the vast benefits of utilizing SEO.  Keep in mind that a client’s success is your success!

What Should an SEO Team Consist of?

A team should include the following; An SEO specialist, PPC specialist, content writers, social media experts, and web designers.  This team without question has an absolute passion for this industry.  It is their livelihood and their very best friend.  They constantly research the different algorithms of search engines to find out how to improve the amount and quality of traffic to your site.  Then they will design your site with the appropriate structure, coding, design and content that will elevate your site ranking to a much higher level.  There will be a social media campaign to drive traffic to your site along with “pay per click” advertising.  Think of taking on an SEO campaign as a utility bill.  It is always needed on a consistent basis and just like everything else; you get what you pay for.

The Utah SEO Pros

The Utah SEO Pros: (from left to right)
Back Row: Shannon (Web Developer), Brandon (Co-Owner/Marketing Strategist), Ashley (Project Manager), Josh (SEO Specialist/Content Manager), Jeremy (PPC Specialist)
Front Row: Chevelle (Social Media Specialist), Greg (Co-Owner/Business Strategist)

What is White Vs. Black Hat SEO?

Lastly, I would say that arguably one of the most important things to explain to a client is the concept of white and black hat SEO techniques.  Further explained by how black hat SEO companies have given the ethical or white hat, SEO companies a common stigma.  By creating a smoke and mirrors effect on their clients, a black hat SEO firm will break the rules and regulations of how to get a site ranked by building websites very poorly and negatively linking websites to search engines.  However, a professional “white hat” SEO company considers all rules and all ethical means of exposing a brand or website.

To conclude, you know what you’re selling works.  All it takes is educating a client on the same concept and you will see the results you need.  Like I stated earlier, a client’s success is your success!

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Josh holds an Associate of Science (AS) in Business Administration from Utah Career College and is working towards a degree in software development. Josh performs on-page and off-page optimizations in order to drive high-quality traffic to websites. He also creates and runs scripts for testing on multiple websites, HTML Email Templates as well as HTML and CSS build-outs for multiple websites.

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