Structured Snippets…What Does it Mean?

Structured Snippets…What Does it Mean?

Google is at again. Updates, updates and more updates. But have no fear, this recent update is actually pretty useful to searchers and isn’t all about your SEO.

Google is at it again

Last week, Google launched an addition to its web search to include structured snippets on search results. These snippets include facts and data points about a product, person, company or even services. Structured snippets make searching for specific facts easier and faster.

Google’s purpose for the update is to give you as much data on search results as possible before you make your decision to click through to a web page. The snippets are especially helpful for mobile users who are not looking to read 10 pages of information to find what they are looking for.

Google released a statement explaining how the snippets will work:

"We use machine learning techniques to distinguish data tables on the Web from uninteresting tables, e.g., tables used for formatting Web pages. We also have additional algorithms to determine quality and relevance that we use to display up to four highly ranked facts from those data tables."

Google provided an example of a snippet within their research blog announcing the change.


But, Google does warn that fact quality will vary based on page content as they continue to enhance the relevance and accuracy of facts being displayed.

What does it mean for businesses?

So as a business, I am sure that you are wondering what this means for you. First of all, you will want to take the time to be certain that product and service pages are created for each of the products and services you offer. You will also need to provide detailed information on each, so that Google knows it is a fact. It is going to be key to provide original, informative and SEO optimized content on your web pages in the manner Google wants and understands, to get a snippet listed under your website link.

Snippets are only small segments of data and do not provide in depth information for searchers. While the update potentially provides a higher bounce rate for websites, individuals who are motivated to learn more about a product or service will still visit the business’s site.

End result

The bottom line is that snippets will make it possible for searchers to find information on products or people much faster. They will also be able to better know if they want to click on that link. It will be very helpful to mobile users who are in a hurry. Finally, it could possibly increase bounce rates but individuals who are motivated to find more detailed information will still click through to a business’s website.

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