Instagram…It’s More Than Just “Selfies”

Instagram…It’s More Than Just “Selfies”

Yes, yes, we constantly hear that content is king…but, if content is king, photos are queen! Photos appeal to our emotions in ways that words just can’t. Photos create intimacy and help people relate to situations or experiences. Photos also engage people and help express ideas or thoughts much faster than text. While, I am not saying we ignore or eliminate content writing, photos should be used by businesses, and one of the best places to use these photos is Instagram!

Why Your Business Should be Using Instagram

Instagram is a simple way to help brand your company, advertise, humanize and generate interaction and awareness for your business. The best part is, it is all done for free! Furthermore, using Instagram for your business will allow you to show off your products, go behind the scenes, showcase your awesome staff, increase sales and generate customers.

Instagram currently has 200 million active users, 75 million of which use the tool daily. This gives your brand the opportunity to shape how it is seen and communicate messages to your audiences. So, the question becomes, why are you not using Instagram to target your customers and advertise for free?

Have a killer plan for Instagram

Before you start snapping photos and engaging with viewers, it is important to come up with a plan and to approach Instagram systematically. You will want to answer questions such as what does my target audience want to see, how can I get them to engage with my photos, or what will get them talking about my company. As you create your content, consider how to make it exclusive, beautiful and personal.

Follow these rules

To optimize your Instagram account and have the best experience possible with the tool, follow these rules:

  • First things first, complete your profile. Fill in all sections and leave links to your website or other social tools
  • Use hashtags to find and target customers and audiences
  • Follow 5-10 new people or businesses a day and like and comment on their posts
  • Be consistent with photos and try not to exceed 1-2 posts per day
  • Show off your products, services and employees
  • Use competitions to gain new followers and customers
  • Take great and relevant photos
  • Engage with your followers by tagging, talking to or checking into others locations or businesses
  • Show off your fans and customers and how they are using your products

Instagram is way more than just “selfies.” Instagram has the potential to help companies brand, humanize and generate interaction for their company. Even the most well drafted blog post does not have the same impact as an amazing photo. Take your brand to the next level by posting regularly with high quality, engaging content and really foster interactions with customers and audiences. Finally, as I like to say, have fun with the content, it’s your brands chance to be creative!

If you would like to have a killer campaign on Instagram, contact us to learn how we can help you accomplish that!

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