Reviews, Even Good Ones, Depreciate Over Time

Reviews, Even Good Ones, Depreciate Over Time

Over time your online reviews lose value, in fact, key findings from a 2017 Local Consumer Review Survey published by BrightLocal, shows many interesting key findings with the most intriguing being that over three quarters of local online users currently think that a review 3+ months old is no longer relevant. Although their face value is diminished, older reviews still count, literally; consumers tend to favor businesses and products with a greater number of reviews.

Haute Hamper, a new business and new concept concierge cleaning service, located in Scarsdale, NY is experiencing great, consistent feedback from happy customers on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Online reviews from satisfied customers are important for new businesses, especially those in very unique or specialized industries, or whose concept may be unfamiliar to potential consumers researching online.

Requesting feedback from each and every customer with professional review gathering and publishing software allows this new business to utilize the power of online reviews and star ratings to establish their local online presence. Owners, Scott and Lauren Kaufman, make it a priority to read and enthusiastically respond to each reviewer. This type of visible customer engagement shows potential customers that Haute Hamper cares about their customers and their online reputation.

The Top Three Things Local Shoppers are Looking For Online

Average Star Rating

The continuing trend of online consumers placing their trust in local businesses with 4+ star ratings, at a glance, remains the single most important factor and has steadily increased in value over the last three years, with no signs of slowing. With 48% of shoppers expecting a 4+ star rating before they will patronize your business, online retailers must be prepared to encourage, address and respond to ratings and reviews daily across all applicable review sites to remain favorable to new potential customers.

Review Quantity

Surprisingly, review quantity has slid into 2nd place with 46% of consumers considering the quantity of reviews an important factor; knocking the significance of a review's content down into 4th place. This may be a result of how full reviews are not included in initial quick view summary results. The 'at a glance' information that does show is the star ratings and number of reviews, which appears to be enough information for quick decision-making. It seems users don't feel they need to take the extra time to read review content with a simple click and scroll.

New Reviews

The third most important factor for those searching for local businesses is the timeline of your reviews. The numbers are clear; for local businesses to remain relevant and appear trustworthy online, your review scroll must not appear stagnant.

  • A limited 4% of local online consumers give credit for reviews dated over a year ago.
  • 18% of those surveyed by BrightLocal claim to only care about a review timestamp within the last 2 weeks.
  • 77% of customers researching local online retailers and service providers believe that reviews over 3 months are irrelevant.

Requesting and maintaining customer reviews must take top priority for your company's local online presence to remain valid. Online reviews are trusted by 85% of online consumers as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. Local reviews are a main factor for 93% of potential customers in deciding if your business is good or not. Take advantage of this remarkable marketing opportunity; call the Reputation Experts at Utah SEO Pros today at (801) 413-7734 for your FREE online reputation analysis and consultation.

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