PPC - Should I Choose Facebook or Google AdWords?

PPC - Should I Choose Facebook or Google AdWords?

If you have been considering a pay-per-click campaign to include in your overall media strategy, you've probably come to a standstill with the question, 'should I choose Facebook or Google AdWords?' For years, this debate has raged on, with pros and cons for each side.

There is no argument for the incredible return on investment (ROI) that you will experience from a carefully planned PPC campaign that integrates the full consumer buying experience. Targeting potential consumers through each stage of the buying cycle and beyond with customer retention needs to be a top priority when choosing the direction of your paid media budget.

Making your final decision about which advertising platform will work best for your business will come down to factors like budget and strategic goals. Aside from the obvious, lie factors like business location and the online habits of your ideal customer. While Google AdWords and Facebook have some similarities, it should all come down to where you will get the biggest bang for your buck.

Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords - Let's Break it Down…

Potential Reach

Out of 2.925 billion Internet users, worldwide, how does the potential reach of social media master Facebook fair against search engine giant Google?

Facebook Ads Google AdWords
Users per Month 1.28 Billion Active Users Over 2.6 Billion Google Searchers
Views/Searches per Month One Trillion Page Views 180 Billion Google Searches
Potential Internet User Reach 43.8% of All Internet Users 90% of All Internet Users

Considering Demographics & Location

Take your industry and target audience into consideration before deciding on the best platform for your paid search budget. For demographic sensitive products and services, Facebook Ads have powerful targeting capabilities to reach specific audiences. Google AdWords will work best to advertise products and services that have a broader appeal to a more vast and diverse audience.

Google AdWords Facebook Ads
Demographics ·         Age

·         Gender

·         Parental Status

Demographics ·         Age

·         Gender

·         Relationship Status

·         Job Title

·         Education

Google AdWords Facebook Ads
Location ·         Country

·         Region

·         City

·         Search Location

·         Search Time

Location ·         Country

·         State or Province

·         City

·         Zip Code

·         Phone Number

Both platforms have excellent targeting features for location and demographics, and both have very unique options to consider; Facebook Ads can also target user behaviors based on previous actions and focus on a potential consumer's interests and hobbies. While Google AdWords boast the ability to both include keyword targeting and exclude keywords to better pinpoint your target market.

Advertising on Mobile Devices

Wile both Facebook and Google paid search can optimize ads for IOS and Android devices, Google AdWords can also optimize text ads for WAP-enabled phones and allow you to select a budgeting ratio for both mobile and tablets. Here is the ad revenue for each platform:

Facebook - 21.7% Ad Revenue results from Mobile

Google - 46.8% of Ad Revenue results from Mobile

ROI - Cost and Conversion Rate

Google AdWords Facebook Ads
·         CPC Average Cost per Click: Between .35¢ to $5.00 Between .45¢ to $1.00
·         CPM Cost per Thousand Impressions: $2.75 .80¢ to $1.00
·         Conversion Rate: 2.35% 1% to 2%
·         CPA Average Cost per Conversion: Average Cost based on CPA Bidding From .34¢ to $1.57
·         CTR Click Through Rate: 2% 0.027% to 0.919%

The online buying cycle will help you make marketing decisions from where your target audience is in the cycle, shown below:

  • Choose a Facebook Ads campaign for reaching potential consumers with specific interests. Social media advertising is also the ideal platform to build your brand by introducing and educating users about new products or unfamiliar service concepts.
  • Google AdWords is the perfect choice for online-only and local retailers to advertise your well-known business or brand, products and services to a broad user base of consumers who are looking for your business as a solution.

Get PPC Help from the Pros - Utah SEO Pros

Utah SEO Pros will point your PPC campaign in the right direction and provide the analytics necessary to adjust the strategy, as your customer's needs change. We will help you get the highest ROI for your PPC marketing investment. Call us today at (801) 413-7734 for your free consultation and to learn how we can maximize your company's visibility and online earnings potential.

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