Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Really a Shortcut for Lazy Business Owners?

Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Really a Shortcut for Lazy Business Owners?

PPC has been getting a bad rap lately – People are going so far as to say that it is now the shortcut for “lazy business owners”.  Well allow me to be the first to say that the previous statement cannot be farther from the truth.

Those who don’t quite understand how the process works will tend to frown upon pay-per-click advertising.  I cannot tell you how many times a misinformed client will say that they find this method to be a waste of money, and 9 times out of 10 it’s because they were promised the world by another SEO company who didn’t know what they were doing.  Typically this negative experience will end up leaving a bad taste in their mouths about PPC all together. Young beautiful woman presenting colorful glowing social media i

However, Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC, is definitely an effective tool if you want to get your business noticed online – But yes, just like most things in life, you are paying for that exposure.  The fact is for a PPC campaign to be effective; it has to be done correctly.  This is where we step in!  Our team knows what their doing; we have a diverse group of digital marketing specialists that will correctly complete a full set up, and who will consistently optimize and keep an eye on your campaign for the best keywords and trends.   Doing so will connect you with your target market by using filters such as language, location, devices, and so on.  This will not only allow you to reach your niche audience but will drive traffic to your page as well.  Our goal is to keep your prices low and your return on investment (ROI) at a maximum.

Don’t forget about that SEO strategy, the perfect pairing to a solid PPC campaign!   Implementing and maintaining your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is something that we at Utah SEO Pros excel at and have a passion for.  Better yet, with the combination of the two tactics, we can get you to that prime real estate spot on Google’s front page using paid advertising while we organically get you there for the long haul.  While it’s true that a lot more work goes into a SEO campaign, the results are natural, organic, and long-term.  Simply put, there is no shortcut to gaining that online presence that every business needs in 2014!

Now what do you think, is PPC a lazy business owner tactic?  What’s your opinion?

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Jessica Honeycutt

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications and a minor in Journalism from the University of Florida. She has spearheaded various marketing, public relations, and advertising strategies, including written tasks such as press releases, blogs, and various articles.

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