Optimizing Pinterest for Your Brands Marketing Strategy

Optimizing Pinterest for Your Brands Marketing Strategy



Pinterest may be the last place that you would think about marketing your brand, but have you ever considered that this image-driven network drives more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined?

Pinterest is home to more than 70 million users, 500,000 of which are business accounts. This leaves plenty of room for businesses to market their brand.

Everything that you do to market your brand online is designed to help you raise your brand's profile, drive traffic to your website and improve your search engine rankings. Pinterest is becoming a marketing sensation through its lead-generation, online hits on products from the site, and its impact on SEO.

Below are some of the top ways that brands can Optimize Pinterest:

Basics of Pinterest

Pinterest is, as Pinterest calls it, a visual discovery tool. The site helps people to organize the things that they love through the use of pins. A pin can be anything from an image or a video, to a recipe, destination, or quote. Each pin is then pinned to a board. Pinterest users can follow individual boards or an entire profile. Each Pinterest user’s news feed is then filled with pins from the people or brands that they are following.

Increasing Followers on Pinterest

It is any Pinterest users dream to be the most followed person or brand on the site. How do you get there, though? First and foremost, a brand should complete their profile. People will look through a brand's profile before following them. Another easy way to increase followers is by following other followers and follow ones who have followed you. Another surefire way to increase followers is to invite people to follow your brand on Pinterest from your website by adding the “follow” button. Most of all, pin and pin constantly to your boards.

Tracking Pinterest Metrics

Success of marketing with Pinterest can be tracked with many different metrics. However, the most common and defining metrics include tracking average repins per pin, average likes per pin, follower engagement, reach, velocity and impressions. Brands can take advantage of the ‘most pinned” feed to show them the most repinned pins that originated from your brand’s website. Brands can also track the number of clicks pins from your brand’s website received each day. Brands can track some or all of these metrics with tools such as ShareRoot, Curalate, and PinReach.

Boost Pinterest SEO

Effective social media marketing requires that you take advantage of what Pinterest has to offer. Brands can use Pinterest to help improve their search rankings by using relevant keywords in image descriptions, linking their Pinterest account to Facebook and Twitter, incorporating hashtags, adding their website URL to image descriptions, pinning their own content and having specific and unique board descriptions. All of these simple activities can boost brands search rankings and improve their impact in the social media world.


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