The Mixology Behind the Perfect Blog Post

The Mixology Behind the Perfect Blog Post

A good blog post, much like a martini, cannot just be thrown together.  It takes careful preparation, the right techniques, and first-class ingredients.  But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert mixologist to make a great martini as long as you’re following the right recipe – And the right recipe can also help you create better blog posts!

An Ounce of an Eye-Catching TitleMartini Shaker

The title of your blog needs to make an impression on your readers.  This call-to-action should tell your audience to “do something” by using action words, or even metaphors (much like this one).  Just make sure it directly relates to your post.

A Splash of Persuasion

The goal of writing a blog is to share your viewpoints based on the experiences you’ve had.  When planning your post, try starting with the main ideas you want to get across – Essentially, what is the point of your post going to be?  Do you want your audience to see a subject in a different light?  Or, do you simply want to educate your readers?  Decide on this and firmly stick to it.

Half an Ounce of Subtitles

Lead your reader through your post.  The goal of utilizing subtitles is to keep a peaked interest and an inclination to continue reading.  You can do this by strategically placing a few subtitles throughout your blog to catch the eye of your reader.

A Generous Pour of a Story

Your audience is expecting structure; a natural progression that brings them from beginning, to middle, to the end.  This is something you need to provide to the reader; because there is nothing worse than reading something that never provides the satisfaction of a story.

A Pinch of Authenticity

 Write what you know!  Use real-life examples from your life and even your career to illustrate the post.  Remember, the audience wants to feel like they trust an expert – So make sure to display that you are one! 

A Sprinkle of Pictures

Speaking of illustrating your blog – Add some pictures while your at it!  This breaks up the content and draws even more readers.  But try to not use more than 3 to avoid overloading the post.

Garnish with a Closing

 Maybe it won't be pimento-stuffed, but it should still be tasty!  Your closing should quickly recap all of your main points and any actions that you believe your audience should take based off of what they just read.

Now, just combine these ingredients, shake, and pour into a chilled glass – Or, just simply hit “post”.  Martini optional.


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Jessica Honeycutt

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications and a minor in Journalism from the University of Florida. She has spearheaded various marketing, public relations, and advertising strategies, including written tasks such as press releases, blogs, and various articles.

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