Is SEO Dead or Has It Simply Evolved?

Is SEO Dead or Has It Simply Evolved?

Is SEO Dead


Is SEO Dead?

I hear this all the time and it bothers me every time. I started to really think about this statement and whether it was true or not. It’s true that SEO has evolved and come a long way since the origins of the industry but does that mean that SEO is truly dead? My answer is no. I don’t believe SEO is dead, in fact it’s quite the opposite, SEO is more alive and robust than it ever has been and here’s why:

As a teenager, I was really into Punk Rock Music. This was in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. When I would go to local punk shows, there would always be these guys in their late 20s and early 30s proclaiming, “Punk Rock is dead!” It never made sense to me why they thought this, especially considering that they were standing in line to get into a local punk show. It dawned on me one day that they thought punk rock was dead simply because it was a whole different animal than when they had started listening to in the early ‘80s.

SEO and Punk Rock

I Finally Have a Reason To Use This Picture!

Punk Rock started as a raw, brutal form of music that was played by guys who had little to no musical training. As they started to get traction as a new genre of music, younger kids who liked it decided they wanted to start punk bands and started learning how to play instruments. This meant that as punk evolved and became more prominent, the music quickly evolved from guys banging on their instruments and screaming into a microphone to a more musical genre that still had it’s roots in tact (anti-establishment lyrics and hard, thrashing music). Therefore, to these guys who grew up listening to the Sex Pistols and The Ramones, Punk was dead because it had evolved into a new era of well-written and performed music.

The reason I tell you this story is that I believe there is a direct correlation between the evolution of Punk Rock and the evolution of SEO. SEO started as a bunch of people who really had no guidelines or rules that needed to be followed. As new people started trickling into the SEO world, it quickly evolved into what it has become now and will continue to evolve until what we consider SEO now will be unrecognizable in 5 years. SEO hasn’t died, it’s simply had to evolve and add new processes in order to make it effective.

SEO is not dead!

SEO is alive and better than ever. Gone are the days where you can buy 50 domains and link them all back to one in order to get your clients to the top of Google. There are now restrictions in place that require SEO Companies to generate and maintain original, quality content and build high-quality links in order to rank on Google.

I guess the point of what I’m trying to say is that SEO has changed but that doesn’t mean that it’s dead. SEO just requires more work and dedication than it used to. So, the next time you hear someone say, “SEO is Dead!” What they’re actually saying is “SEO is no longer easy!” and that’s okay, if we wanted to do what was easy, we probably wouldn’t have chosen a career in the constantly changing and evolving field that is SEO.

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Josh holds an Associate of Science (AS) in Business Administration from Utah Career College and is working towards a degree in software development. Josh performs on-page and off-page optimizations in order to drive high-quality traffic to websites. He also creates and runs scripts for testing on multiple websites, HTML Email Templates as well as HTML and CSS build-outs for multiple websites.

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