Importance of Proper Keyword Research

Importance of Proper Keyword Research

On this post I am going to share the importance on doing proper keyword research.

Most SEO's focus on the wrong thing, which is rankings. Instead, they should focus on keywords that bring quality traffic, good amount of traffic, and traffic that can be converted into leads/sales.

Most tools give you good data that you can use to create a list of keywords, but in order to select the best keywords you need to do a little more thinking and research.

Go for the Long Tail Keywords with your Proper Keyword Research

My suggestions is to go for long tail keywords since they are easier to rank but also convert better since it describes exactly what the searcher is looking for.

Now, how do I know a keyword is a good keyword? well, it should have a good amount of searches per month, but it should also focus on an specific need, for example: where to buy 40 inch color TV, this is a very targeted keyword, it shows that the searcher is looking to buy, it tell you what he/she is looking to buy and it even tells you the size he/she is looking to buy.

One important thing. When doing keyword research, take a look at your google analytics, look for keywords that are already bringing traffic, copy these keywords, put them on your favorite keyword research tool and try to find related keywords that have also traffic. This will give you a list of keywords that you already know have good traffic and if they convert well even better.

Once you have your keywords selected, create specific landing pages for each set of related keywords, making sure the keyword is in the title once, and on the content only 1 or 2 times. The days when you needed to put the keyword all over the content are gone, and now it is actually negative to do so, it is best to write with your visitor in mind, since Google is also looking for time on page as an important factor.

I hope this simple explanation will help you when you are trying to do your own keyword research, just make sure you spend enough time looking for those keywords that will bring to the traffic, the 20/80 rule applies here, so spending 80% of your time looking for the 20% of keyword that will bring you the 80% of the traffic, it will be worth it!

This was a guest post by Manny Zarate, an SEO expert who provides Toronto SEO in Canada. Approved by the Utah SEO Pros!

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