A Decade of Facebook and the Benefits of Social Media

A Decade of Facebook and the Benefits of Social Media

This may be hard for some to believe, but Facebook is actually only 10 years old as of this week!  I know, I know; it seems as if it has been around since the birth of the Internet - But no, it actually has only been ruling your life for ten short years!  This week, everyone’s newsfeeds have been flooded with “A Look Back”, videos that Facebook has customized just for you to take a trip down memory lane and relive your time as a Facebook member.  I have to admit, I even jumped on the bandwagon and had my own video made (and saved it on my computer, *insert millennial joke here*)


However, in the past decade: Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels have evolved far past just being a tool for teens to socialize.  Social Media has become an amazing way for businesses to connect with their audience in a fast and efficient way.  Utilizing these channels have allowed companies to pinpoint what their customers or clients are interested in, then they can create content especially geared towards certain groups of people - Enabling them to literally enter the homes of their target audience.

Social Media has even created jobs for thousands of people, there is an entire industry built upon connecting with consumers, gaining exposure, and educating an audience.  You can hold contests on your Facebook page to entice followers to like to share your page, you can have an online customer service that’s available at anyone’s fingertips, you can even send gifts through the website; the possibilities are quite literally endless.

In closing, as we celebrate a decade of Facebook this week, it’s hard to imagine a world where your relationships aren't defined as “Facebook official”, where poking someone isn’t an awkward human action as much as it’s just a way to say “hello”, and where we truly learned what it meant to “like” something.  Facebook has dramatically changed the way the world works, and how it looks – From walls to timelines, updates and more; Facebook sure does seem like it’s here to stay!

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