Google Mobile Friendly Update 2015

Google Mobile Friendly Update 2015


Starting today, Google’s Mobile-Friendly update began rolling out. Since this is a particularly large update, it will likely take several days to a week to completely roll out. Even though Google has directly stated that this update would focus on prioritizing mobile friendly sites in organic search results, and has even released a tool to test if your site is mobile-friendly, misconceptions abound.

This update only focuses on organic search results, and operates on a simple yes/no basis for each URL. Your webpages are either mobile-friendly or not.

  • If websites aren’t mobile-friendly, you will lose rank in mobile search, but Paid and Local results will be unaffected (for now).
  • On the other hand, if your website is mobile friendly, it will receive a bump in rankings as well as a corresponding bump in traffic.

While the internet is currently filled with stories of “mobilegeddon” and the end of SEO as we know it, this mobile update was very predictable for those in the know about SEO.  It has always been a good idea for your website to be mobile, and with the continued take over of mobile as a way to search, this an ideal time to institute mobile-friendly design on your site.

Just What is Mobile-Friendly?

Google has emphasized the importance of responsive web design for a long time now, and this update is likely the first step of many towards their goal of making the internet more user-friendly across a variety of platforms. Basically, making a site conform to Google’s mobile-friendly standards involves ensuring ease of access and use of your site across a variety of devices and platforms.

Key criteria being used:

  • How easy is it to navigate your site? How much do your users have to scroll and/or zoom to access your content?
  • Do you use a lot of Flash, or other programs that are less common on mobile browsers?
  • Are your links far enough apart to allow easy navigation? If I have large fingers, how easily can I just click on the particular link I want?

If your page passes the test, your page will also receive a mobile friendly label in search results, further alerting users to the ease of access to your site.

Google offers a test to determine whether or not your URLs are mobile-friendly. With a simple Yes/No grade, Google also provides tips and suggestions for mobile-optimization throughout your entire site, as well as a page by page basis.

Mobile Friendly Website Design Utah

The internet is constantly evolving. Keeping your site up to date and in line with current standards is necessary for successfully marketing your business. While updates like Mobile-Friendly seem intimidating, making sure your web design is responsive and easy to use is a key part of having a web presence in the first place. Utah SEO Pros can help you keep your online presence fresh and engaging. Contact us at (801)413-7734 to learn more about SEO and mobile website design.

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