Facebook Video Ads and You

Facebook Video Ads and You

Premium Video Ads on Facebook

Although they only last 15 seconds apiece, Premium Video Ads are a powerful way to reach a highly targeted audience. The video ads displayed are tailored for specific users based on their general patterns of interactions, likes, and usage of both the internet as a whole, and of Facebook in particular. This ensures that Facebook video ads have a higher chance of them being seen by people who are interested in them. Before Facebook video ads begin appearing in news feeds, the ads are measured by ACE METRIX. The are analyzed on criteria such as: emotional resonance, watchability, and meaningfulness – in short, Facebook has taken a series of steps to make sure your ads are as effective as possible.

The ads automatically play silently and stop if users scroll past them. Clicking on the ads launches a full screen view with sound- making them ideal for catching the eye of your audience in an unobtrusive manner.

How Facebook Video Ads Are Measured

These ads are purchased using similar methods to traditional television advertising, namely through Targeted Gross Rating Points. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings then measures the delivery of the ads- in this case, deliveries count the times the ad is clicked on and watched. Advertisers only pay based on the deliveries measured.

How to Create a Facebook Video Ad

Creating a Facebook video ad is very similar to creating a standard ad. Follow these steps to create your own Facebook video ad:

  1. Go to your Ad Manager or Power Editor
  2. Click “Create an Ad”
  3. Select the “Get Video Views” optionhow to create facebook video ads
  4. Select the Facebook page that you want to promote
  5. Think about what audience you want to target – Here are some things to ask yourself:
    • Think about your business goals
    • How old is your audience? Gender? Where do they live? What are they interested in? Where else can you find them online?
  6. Set your budget for the ad campaign. You can choose a daily or lifetime budget
  7. Upload the video you want to use
  8. Write the copy that will accompany your ad
    • Consider your tone of voice as it is a reflection of your business’s personality – Are you a high end store or a family restaurant?
    • Stick to writing about what is important and be specific - Do you want them to visit your store or call for a free quote? Tell them what to do.
    • Write with your customer in mind
  9. Select an OPTIONAL Facebook call-to-action button that will accompany your video ad. We would recommend choosing a button 9/10 timesfacebook video ads call to action buttons
  10. Carefully review your ad order
  11. Select the “place order” button
  12. After the order is placed, Facebook will review the ad and make sure it falls in line with quality guidelines

Utah Social Media Marketing

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