Why Every Business Should be Using Video Marketing

Why Every Business Should be Using Video Marketing

For every social media campaign, any SEO exercise, or any digital marketing effort, video is hands down one of the best tools in the kit.

In a day and age where information is constantly bombarding us, it is crucial for businesses to find a way to cut past the nonsense and share their information in an easy to digest method; if not, consumers will simply move on.

It is not surprising then that Axonn Research found that seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them.

Why Should Businesses Use Video in Their Marketing Efforts?

Video can be used to tell people about your products or services or give details on features and benefits of your company. Video can allow you to answer far more questions about your company or products in a shorter amount of time. Video can also be used to do product reviews, tell your company’s story, debunk myths of your industry, allow your viewers to see you or the company behind the scenes and finally, it can spark conversation with your viewers about their wants or needs as they relate to your niche or industry. The possibilities for video are almost endless.

Can Businesses afford Video?

Can a business, even a small business, afford video production? Definitely. Product costs have significantly fallen and no longer need to be created by a tech whiz. Apps such as Twitter’s Vine, Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo allow companies on a limited budget to create videos and promote them across multiple channels. In addition, if you spend the money to record once, your video could still be getting views a year or more from now, as video stays online forever.

How do I Make my Video Stand Out?

It is important to make sure that your video stands out among the clutter online. In order to make your video stand out, you should make your title count. This is where traffic is pulled in. Next, you should provide excellent content, include your URL in your video and go beyond YouTube. Use basic keywords. Always, be creative with your content and your production. Finally, always include a call to action.

Where Should I post my Video?

Always consider the audience that you are trying to reach and make sure that the video is relevant to them. Be sure that you are using the most appropriate means of telling your story. The most important place to post your video is your own website. By posting to your website, you are increasing the amount of time that people spend on your site and will allow for audience growth and participation. Other valuable sites include social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Vine.

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