Eggscellent Ideas for Your Easter Marketing Campaign!

Eggscellent Ideas for Your Easter Marketing Campaign!

With this intense winter finally loosening its grip on the country, the warm feeling of spring has never felt so good – And that only means one thing, Easter is quickly approaching!  Keeping that in mind, it is time to tap into your inner Easter bunny and gear up for this weekend’s marketing campaign!    Because let’s face it, who doesn’t have a soft spot for this pastel colored holiday?

There are several ways to carry out an Easter themed campaign, but first – Give your audience a little teaser to let them know you have some great new happenings coming soon!  Then carry out a few of the following methods:

1) Post the Campaign on Your Social Media Pages

Although you should be keeping up with your social media exposure throughout the year, ramping up your campaign through this marketing channel is essential.  It is important to know what to post to each social media platform – Both in written form and visually.    Hop onto Twitter to connect and track industry trends, share links to your website, then tag relevant people in your posts!  Much like Twitter, Facebook also highly encourages it’s users to tag for popular posts – And with all the new changes they have made to the layout of your homepage, your business and it’s audience is now offered a new experience with larger photos and more quality content.  If you’re brand has a strong visual presence, pinning your campaign onto Pinterest is an ideal way to expose your company even more and drive traffic to your website.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Well, here’s the simple secret to social media – Stay consistent. Computer Key - Happy Easter With Egg

2) Send Out Email Blasts

Never underestimate the benefits that come with email marketing.  When done right, this in an incredibly compelling way to both gain an audience and to keep your current one interested.  Send out Easter themed newsletters or emails to your customers; offer them coupons and discounts for your product, ask for their opinions, or just simply update them on what the company is up to!  Letting your customers know that you care and want to check in on them builds that emotional connection that is sure to last.

3) Send Out Easter Treats to Your Customers

Now this one is just plain fun – Let your customers know you care by sending out special treats for them!  It can be anything, budget allowing.  You can keep it small and send out a candy bars, or splurge for tickets to a sporting event - You could even send a giant Easter basket filled with goodies to one lucky customer; the possibility with this one is endless.  You should only ask for one thing in return, for your customer to snap a picture of their special surprise and post it online!  This not only gives you some warm fuzzies by knowing that you made your customer happy, but it also shows potential consumers that you are a company they want to work with.

There you go!  Now, start gearing up for that campaign – Drive some awesome sales, grow your brand more within your community, and make those amazing customers feel extra special.  And of course, Happy Easter!

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Jessica Honeycutt

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications and a minor in Journalism from the University of Florida. She has spearheaded various marketing, public relations, and advertising strategies, including written tasks such as press releases, blogs, and various articles.

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