17 Ways to Become a Twitter Superstar

17 Ways to Become a Twitter Superstar

You may be asking yourself what Twitter is all about, why everyone is talking about it and if you should be using it. The answer is YES!

Twitter is a social platform where users share their thoughts, news, information, etc., in 140 characters or less. Each Tweet can contain photos, videos and text. Tweets can be favorited or even retweeted to your followers.

Why is Twitter important

Twitter is the fastest way to spread thoughts that can have global impact. Twitter is also the fastest way to learn about local and global news.

For example, if you're witnessing a major event in real-time, you can express what's happening faster than any news outlet can report it. Even if you don't have many followers, all you need is one person to see it and pass it on to create a viral word of mouth spread (Shontell, 2013).

On a much smaller scale, Twitter is perfect for self-promotion and advertising. For example, ABC can search every user who is tweeting about The Bachelorette on Twitter, then hit them with an ad for a similar show in their streams (Shontell, 2013). It is very targeted and meaningful advertising.

Become a successful Twitter user

The number of Twitter followers that you have can signify or even measure your progress on Twitter. A sign of popularity or influential significance, can be shown by having a lot of real and engaged followers. But if you send out Tweets, follow others and yet, nobody follows you back, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Following these essential Twitter tips will help you increase your followers and make Twitter a success:

  • Fill out your Twitter bio and include your location
  • Add an avatar
  • Make your account public
  • Tweet on a regular basis
  • Tweet meaningful content
  • Follow people who follow you
  • Do follow people, BUT don’t follow WAY more people than follow you
  • Don’t promote any vulgar or pornographic information
  • Keep your posts short enough to allow comments and retweets
  • Use relevant hashtags-but less than 3 in a post
  • Include pictures when you can
  • Tweet in the afternoon for the most engagement
  • Tweet about what you know best
  • Encourage conversation
  • Use words like you, follow, please retweet, free, check out and great to get more retweets
  • Thank people who follow you or retweet your Tweets
  • Use keywords to optimize your SEO and drive audience traffic

Your business should be on Twitter

Using Twitter to market and promote your business can increase business growth and traffic to your website. Marketing with Twitter enables you to post instant news and updates about your business, allows business associates to chat with customers in real time, it provides your brand a character and significance, it provides listening opportunities, enhances search engine optimization results and links other social media tools together and keeps you up to date on trends.

Twitter is key for breaking coverage, the fast transfer of thought, and an endless supply of original content that's easy to consume on the go. Twitter is a killer way for businesses to stay relevant. If you would like help to get starting or optimizing your twitter campaign, contact us today!

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