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Second Only to Google!

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google with over 1 billion unique users, 6 billion hours of videos watched each month and 100 hours of video uploaded every minute! That means the opportunity to get in front of your target audience is HUGE! It’s a platform that is continually growing and becoming a part of people’s lives at home.
Our experts have good idea about what works and what doesn't work when it comes to YouTube ads. If you want to take advantage of the millions of potential customers that YouTube provides, give us a call today for your free YouTube Advertising analysis.

Benefits of YouTube Advertising

With 4,950,000,000 YouTube videos viewed daily your ads have the potential to reach millions of people. These numbers are only expected to keep increasing year over year. However, what makes YouTube stand out are the benefits of their advertising platform.
  • You Only Pay for Engaged Users - The viewer has the option to skip your in-stream ads after five seconds, but you only pay when a whole clip or 30 seconds of the clip is viewed — whichever is shortest — or when a viewer engages with your video, if that interaction comes first. Likewise with in-display ads, you pay for clicks rather than impressions. As a result, you usually only pay for those viewers who are interested in your message.
  • Refined Targeting - Using your AdWords account, it’s possible to target certain types of user, as well as categories of video and specific channels, so your ad gets shown only to the types of people likely to engage and convert. You can also target specific keywords to help you reach relevant audiences, and combine keywords with other targeting settings to zoom in on smaller subsets of YouTube users.
  • Detailed Analytics & Measurements - Did you know that YouTube advertising gives you real metrics? You get definitive metrics that determine if your ad generated a sale, lead, etc, unlike Television advertising. You can track the video’s success digitally by utilizing clicks and you can ask your customer service representatives to ask where the consumer heard of your product or service. YouTube allows you to see when someone dropped off from watching your video as well as when people watched the video more often.
  • Better Cost than AdWords - Since YouTube advertising is still a relatively young advertising platform, it costs lower than other platforms such as AdWords. If you have an engaging brand or idea for YouTube advertising, your advertising costs are lower than anywhere else! This means you can test more on your campaigns without eating up a significant chunk of your budget.

The Utah SEO Pros YouTube Advertising Approach

Some marketing agencies do not create your videos for your YouTube Advertising and others have limits on what you can choose in terms of types of YouTube ads. When you choose the Utah SEO Pros, you get everything involved with your YouTube Advertising.
  • Campaign Planning
  • Account Creation
  • Video Creation & Optimization
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Ad Creation Design
  • Weekly / Monthly Reporting
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Landing Page Consultation
We work with you to create high-quality videos that generate high engagement and higher conversion rates. You get full approval before any campaign goes live. Everything you get is customized to you.

SEO Pros is a YouTube Advertising Agency

If you’re looking for experts in YouTube Advertising, look no further than the Utah SEO Pros. We’ll be able to give you a FREE YouTube Ads Consultation where we’ll determine if your business is suitable for YouTube!


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