WordPress Website Maintenance & Technical Support

WordPress Website Maintenance & Technical Support

What If My Website Has Issues?

If you already have a WordPress site, then you know how awesome the platform can be. With all its plugins, updates, and adaptability, WordPress offers a solid platform anyone can use to make a website. In fact, it’s so popular and accessible that WordPress powers over 25% of the entire internet! With its vast developer network, you can find a plugin for just about everything--but what about a plugin that works nicely with all the other plugins you already use? Or what do you do if a core plugin goes months--even years--without an update? How can you expand? If you run a business and don't quite need a full-time website employee but need minor website adjustments from time to time, our WordPress maintenance packages are perfect!
At the Utah SEO Pros, we’re experienced in maintaining WordPress websites. Our competitive WordPress website maintenance packages are a great option when you need some assistance in updating and maintaining your WordPress site. Our maintenance services can be used to update content on your website or to fix technical or security issues.

If you have a WordPress website that needs maintenance work or support, contact SEO Pros today!

Hackers, Malware, and Downtime - Oh My!

WordPress is not always the easiest to maintain on your own. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out what is wrong with your site and why it’s not working, choose a maintenance package from the Utah SEO Pros. We have experts to solve the issue with your site in no time and when you choose to have a maintenance package for your WordPress site, you’ll get 100% support and assistance.

Website Support

WordPress maintenance goes beyond simply updating your plugins or theme and calling it good. We rigorously test your site after each update to make sure there’s no unexpected conflict between the updates and your other software. We’ll also keep your site up-to-date on any plugins that are obsolete or a security risk, as well as recommend new ones which offer the latest in techniques or optimizations to keep your business in the forefront.

Malware & Hacker Protection

Nothing kills an online business faster than if your customers think your site is unsafe. With hackers and malware so often in the news, people are understandably skittish about leaving themselves open to scams, identity theft, or other online threats. That’s why we’ll make sure your website security is always top-of-the-line, so your business is always ready to face the latest digital threats with confidence.

Why Choose Us

At SEO Pros, we know WordPress is the best website platform on the market and build custom websites on it every day. That’s why we know what it takes to maintain a WordPress site. We’re passionate about helping your site stay up and running 24/7. If you choose the Utah SEO Pros, you’re choosing to make us a partner in the success of your website and that’s how we’ll treat you in return: like a partner, not a paycheck.

Our WordPress experts ensure you get the updates needed to protect your site’s security security and to maintain its functionality. Choose our WordPress experts today!


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