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My Site Has a Google Penalty - What Do I Do Now?

Over 400,000 manual penalties are handed out by Google each month.Matt Cutts, who is the primary spokesman for Google’s search algorithm, has said that over 400,000 manual penalties are handed out by Google each month. Only 5% of those penalties result in a submitted reconsideration request, which is where a webmaster asks Google to review the website’s changes to get the penalty removed. Without that request, your site’s rankings may never recover, which can also spell doom for your business. That’s where we come in.

If you have been impacted by Google penalties, you need experts like the Utah SEO Pros to help you recover and being to rank again. Give us call to get a free marketing analysis today!

Benefits of a Google Penalty Recovery Company

  • We have the know-how to get your penalty removed fast
  • We’ll help you not only recover your rankings but increase them as well
  • We live and breathe the latest techniques and optimizations, so our work is completely white-hat
  • We actively monitor your backlink profile so you’ll never get penalized again

What is a Google Penalty?

A Google penalty is the negative impact that Google either manually or automatically applies to websites that break Google’s webmaster guidelines. These penalties can affect your search engine rankings for every page on your site, only rankings related to specific keywords, or only for a specific page. No matter what the penalty affects, any drop in rankings carries a sharp drop in related web traffic.

A Google Manual Penalty vs a Google Algorithmic Penalty

Most Google penalties come about due to automatic algorithmic updates that Google pushes live. The two most famous examples are Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, which gutted a lot of SEO companies’ success stories with a one-two punch targeting over-optimized (read: spammy) content and backlink spam respectively. However, a number of other algorithm updates have also taken place, targeting everything from how much ad space websites offered to how well sites handle mobile responsive design. These penalties come with no recommended fixes and no warning, so if you want to avoid them, you either have to track how Google search works or hire an SEO company to do it for you.
Sometimes, though, a website gets flagged for manual review. For a manual review, an actual person inspects the site to judge whether Google’s guidelines are being followed. What makes manual penalties pleasant is that they are usually accompanied by a Google Webmaster Tools notification explaining why the penalty was imposed and what can be done to fix the issue. What makes them less enjoyable is that you have to wait until someone inspects the changes, agrees you fixed the issue, and then removes the penalty for you before your rankings can recover. Still, Google is invested in helping people rank well, so they usually respond quickly.

How Can I Check to See If I Have a Google Penalty?

If you have only one site to check, you can use this software tool Google Penalty Checker

Why Google Penalizes Sites

As previously stated, Google is invested in helping people rank well--but it wants the right people to rank. That means that it doesn’t want just anyone to come along, game the system, and ruin Google’s reputation as the best search engine around. So Google penalizes sites to “adjust” its rankings to be more in line with what it thinks is more balanced. (h2) How to Fix Google Penalties While a Google manual penalty usually comes with suggestions of what to fix, most of the algorithmic penalties need a certain understanding of what Google wants from its top ten results. That’s why we explain the three most common ways to fix a Google penalty here:

Disavowing Backlinks

Kissmetrics believes that over 95% of all Google penalties are related to low-quality backlinks, which require some investigating to find. Google Webmaster Tools shows you all of your backlinks, but you’ll need a separate tool or service to tell which backlinks are a problem and which you want to keep.
We track your backlink profile weekly and actively check suspicious links to make sure we never remove a link unless it is sure to keep your rankings safe.

Penguin Recovery Service

Devoted to anchor text and backlink quality, Google’s Penguin update is the primary vehicle for Google’s anti-spam crusade. If you’re getting backlinks from articles unrelated to your industry, websites in languages you don’t do business in, or other manipulative tactics, Penguin is the first line of defense.
Our Penguin penalty recovery service dives deep into your backlink profile to make sure we only eliminate the dead weight that’s holding you back. With our Google Partner training, our SEO experts can weed out the bad backlinks without harming your beneficial backlinks to minimize the damage without sacrificing too much time before getting the penalty overturned.

Panda Recovery Service

Google’s Panda updates have all focused on content quality. If you’re using your keywords too often in your content, your content quality is suffering and Google does not appreciate your attempts to inflate your rankings. Unfortunately, there is no service that tells you once you’ve crossed the line, so you have to watch your rankings and experiment a bit to determine what’s the best mix for your industry.
We are always careful to inspect the content for any signs of spammy keywords and boast some of the best content writers in the industry to make sure we can provide you well-written and well-researched content that boosts your rankings without risking a Google penalty.

Utah SEO Pros is Your Local Google Penalty Recovery Experts

If you have been impacted by a Google penalty or more than one, it is going to take to time to recover. Speed up the process by hiring experts who can help you get those penalties fixed.

Give us a call at (801) 413-7734 for a free expert Google Penalty Recovery consultation!


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