Facebook Messenger Update 2015

Facebook Messenger Update 2015

Don’t Kill the Messenger

At the recent F8 Developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook development team announced some updates, new features, and refinements coming to Facebook.

Along with impressive looking features like spherical videos that allow for a more immersed experience, the ability to embed videos hosted on Facebook across the web, improved analytic tools for Facebook apps, and a slew of features for the Facebook Messenger platform like Messenger Business. These features will allow customers easy interactions with businesses, the ability to integrate Messenger with third party apps (and vice-versa), and the ability to support peer-to-peer payments signaled the current re-branding of and emphasis on the Messenger platform as a user-friendly, one-stop destination online for personal and business use.

Facebook averages around 757 million daily users, while the standalone Messenger app has around 600 Million people using it. With more and more people joining Facebook and using Facebook Messenger, and the tweaks being made to make personal and business communications easier and easier, it will become an increasingly important channel in your social media marketing strategy.

Facebook Messenger All Up in Your Business

Rather than interacting with a business page, users will be able to interact more directly with businesses through Messenger. Not only will customer service representatives be more available for comments, requests, and questions, customers will also be able to perform actions like making reservations, making and checking the status of their orders, and receiving the most recent, accurate information possible.

On the other hand, businesses using Facebook messenger will be able to easily identify customers interacting with them, and will have a more direct means of communication.

Business Messenger will be a powerful feature of Facebook, especially when coupled with the recently added peer-to-peer payment capabilities.  Providing a more active means of interaction and communication between businesses, consumers, and their friends will make Facebook an increasingly popular and powerful destination online.

Third Party’s (Not) A Crowd

Facebook is working with third party developers to overhaul their Messenger platform.  Apps will now function natively (the current focus seems to be on video and photo sharing apps), and users will be able to share, download, and install things without ever leaving Messenger. Currently, there are over 40 apps slated to be available with Messenger integration when the overhaul launches, with more coming soon.

Developers will now have the ability to add a Messenger button to their apps, making it easy for individual users of each app to communicate with each other- the example used at the conference was sharing the show time & location of a movie with friends after purchasing tickets online.

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