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How to Make My Business Facebook Page Better?

Facebook is the best place to reach thousands of customers at a lower cost than you would see on radio or television.With over 1.7 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is the best place to reach thousands of customers at a lower cost than you would see on radio and television. Facebook can offer you a lower cost per impression and a higher reach than you would get with any other similar platform. However, you can’t just throw a post on your Facebook page and expect it to automatically reach your audience. Organic traffic on Facebook is dead. The only way to get your product seen and known on Facebook is through paid advertising. When you choose SEO Pros as your Facebook Advertising Agency, you get a dedicated advertising manager who works with you to build a custom advertising strategy.

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Benefits of Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads can give you numerous benefits. Some are significantly better than what you see on AdWords and other similar advertising platforms such as Snapchat. Why should you use Facebook Ads?
  • Fine-Tuned Audience Targeting - The Facebook advertising platform allows you to build custom audiences and retargeting audiences that can help you reach your ideal customer. Facebook can helps you to get in front of specific, and often motivated, segments of your audience with some powerful ad targeting options you've probably never heard of. You can:
    • Tap into recent purchase behavior.
    • Get creative with life-event targeting.
    • Use custom audiences to nurture leads and build loyalty.
    • Create audiences that look like your own targets ("lookalike audiences").
    • Layer targeting options to get super granular with your targeting.
    • The possibilities in targeting are ENDLESS!
  • Facebook Ads Are Cheap - Seriously, in the world of Facebook ads, seeing a cost-per-click less than a dollar is still possible! If you go into Facebook ads with a clear goal and strategy, you get more return for your investment dollar for dollar than any other advertising platform.
  • Improved Brand Awareness - The average Facebook user spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook which means your ads get a higher exposure than any other social media platform out there. With so many active users consistently returning to Facebook each day, your ads continue to appear in front of these user when you use Facebook advertising. This makes those users more familiar with your brand the more they see your ads.
  • Highly Detailed Analytics - Instead of struggling to see your conversion rate and other social metrics, you have it laid clearly out in front of you. All of your Facebook pages information is available for you to review. You can see what audiences convert more on your ads, how you stack up against your competition, and see direct conversions from your page.

The Utah SEO Pros Facebook Ads Approach

When you choose the experts at Utah SEO Pros, you choose experts that know how to build custom Facebook Advertising campaigns that convert. We stay up on advertising trends in Facebook to get you the lowest cost-per-click and cost per thousand reached.
Our process is unique. When you sign up for Facebook Advertising, you have a designated Facebook Advertising Manager who meets with you from the beginning to work together on building an ad strategy. What we do for you:
  • Campaign Planning
  • Account Creation
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Copy Writing
  • Ad Creation Design
  • Weekly / Monthly Reporting
  • Daily Campaign Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Landing Page Consultation
All of our work is seen by you for approval before anything goes live. You have transparency on your Facebook campaigns and know where your money is spent and what results we are getting each week. Our campaigns are not cookie cutter campaigns. You get a Facebook advertising management company who develops a unique campaign for you.

Is Facebook Right For You?

Facebook is all about knowing the right targeting and demographics to find your ideal customer. If you don’t know and understand who your ideal customer is, Facebook Ads are less successful at the beginning of the process.
If you can answer these questions about your ideal customer or client, then you can do well with Facebook Ads:
  1. Who is your ideal client influenced by (celebrities, experts, sports figures, etc)?
  2. What do they watch (TV, movies)?
  3. Where do they shop (online and offline)?
  4. What do they read (magazines, books or blogs)?
  5. Does your ideal client live in a certain geographical area?
  6. Do they have a certain job title or work in a certain industry?
  7. Are they in a certain age range or are they a specific gender?
Our Facebook ad campaigns rely on knowing what type of customer you want and if Facebook is a great place to advertise your business. Some great examples of successful business on Facebook can be: eCommerce stores - especially if you have an exciting product, education related products or services, banking, real estate, etc. The key is to know who your ideal customer is and target them by what their interests are.

SEO Pros is a Facebook Advertising Company in Utah

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