Facebook Adds Call to Action Button to Business Page Cover Photos

Facebook Adds Call to Action Button to Business Page Cover Photos

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a clear statement that is used to provoke a specific response from your audience. These phrases urge the reader to take immediate action, instruct them what they are to do next, and outline explicably what they get in exchange for following the instructions. Facebook has launched an update that allows businesses to add a call to action button to the cover photo of their page – at no cost!

Facebook Cover Photo Call to Action Buttons

Facebook’s new call to action feature on cover photos is a new way for pages to drive business objectives. It was designed to bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its Facebook presence by linking to any destination on or off of Facebook. There are 7 calls to action that you can choose from for your business:

  1. Contact Us – great catch all for any business
  2. Book Now – for salons, clinics, travel services and other business who take appointments
  3. Use App – great for music, retail or travel apps
  4. Play Game – takes people to a place where they can download/ play your game
  5. Shop Now – takes people to your store for any business that sells products
  6. Sign up – can be used to grow your email marketing list or sign up for a free trial
  7. Watch Video – send people to your YouTube page or other video location

These call to action buttons will show up regardless if users are on a computer or on a mobile device. The buttons are available on mobile and will show up under the cover photo and above the map for your business. Facebook has not made hover cards available but says they are always exploring new features.

How to Add a Facebook Call to Action Button to Your Business Page

Go to your page on Facebook and select the button "create call-to-action"

how to create facebook call to action

Select which call to action button that you want displayed


Decide where you want to send both iOS and Android users

facebook call to action button- destination for ios or android

Once you have finished creating your call-to-action button, you can track the number of people who have clicked on the button by viewing your insights.

finished creating your call-to-action button insights

How to Edit Call to Action Button on Facebook Business Page?

Click on your call to action button, and then it will give 3 options:

  • Edit - select a different call to action
  • Delete - removes button from page
  • Go to link - let's you see where users are being sent

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