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Why Bing?

Most people are unaware that the Bing search engine alone has a 33% market share in North AmericaGiven the overwhelming dominance of Google as the search engine of choice, many people overlook Bing’s PPC service in favor of Google AdWords. Most people are unaware that the Bing search engine alone has a 33% market share in North America, meaning Bing Ads reaches up to 100 million people just in the United States alone. That’s a lot of potential customers! If you’re looking to advertise your business using Bings Ads, look no further than the Utah SEO Pros. Our team of in-house PPC experts are Bing Ads certified and know how to get you the biggest bang for your buck on Bings’ PPC platform.

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Benefits of Bing Ads

While typically overlooked in the average internet marketing strategy, Bing Ads bring a surprising amount of spunk to the table.
  • Only Pay for Clicks! You don’t pay unless a customer clicks on your ad.
  • No Surprise Fees! Use a set budget to control campaign costs.
  • Use data from your Bing Ads to fuel your other marketing efforts.
  • Pay Less for More Clicks! Bing is less competitive than Google, and consistently costs less than AdWords. The average click through Bing Ads results in 25% more sales.

Why Choose SEO Pros to Manage Your Bing PPC Services

  • Bing Ads Certified: Our PPC managers have successfully completed the training for Bing Ads accreditation, and are constantly continuing their education. Our Bing PPC experts know how to manage your bidding, keyword research, and ad copy for optimal performance.
  • Tailored Ad Approach: You will get a PPC campaign customized to your wants, your industry, and your brand. We dig deep to find out who your competitors are and suggestions on how to scale your online presence based on your goals.
  • Weekly Campaign Improvements: Our in-house Bing Ads managers will analyze your campaign and perform PPC optimizations to your campaign each and every week. This is accomplished by reviewing the PPC campaigns’ performance week to week. PPC managers will listen to your calls to separate sales from other calls, analyze your campaign for areas of improvement, analyze the data, and adjust the ads based on systematic testing.
  • Account Success Management: Each PPC campaign has a dedicated account manager that you can reach out to day or night. When you need PPC adjustments or have questions, you can call us and talk to an actual person! Your account manager oversees your campaigns’ success and coordinates communication with your PPC manager.

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