The Company

The SEOPros are powered by a passion to get SEO and Digital Marketing results that exceed expectations and provide real resultsWe combine cutting-edge SEO strategies and effective digital marketing techniques, to grow businesses and websites - by generating targeted traffic that produces either new leads, sales, customers, clients, or subscribers. An overall branding strategy is implemented to help increase social awareness and local buzz for the businesses that align themselves with the Utah SEO Pros strategy.

Why Choose Us

How We Work

At SEO Pros, we are powered by a passion to get results that exceed expectations and provide real results! To accomplish this goal, we have a tried and true process for obtaining success:

  1. Discover: Our marketing team starts with an information gathering session with your business and our team. Understanding the current state of your business is a necessary step to determine weaknesses and strengths of the client’s marketing, brand opportunities, and what’s next.
  2. Research: Our talented marketing pros dig deep into the data to understand how best to connect with your potential customers in order to increase online exposure, leads, and your bottom line. Scope and depth of research and inquiry differs from project to project, but the results are the same: valuable data. The more information we can gather and interpret the better.
  3. Set Goals: Together we define what a successful marketing campaign looks like for your business. Our digital discovery and strategy guides your site visitors down that critical path to conversion. SEO Pros sets specific marketing goals to be reached in a defined amount of time.
  4. Execute: Our team takes your carefully calculated marketing plan and puts it into action. Your business receives real-time updates on work completed as our team completes tasks through your marketing dashboard. Your dedicated project manager monitors the campaign success and is your direct point of contact if you ever need to talk to our team.
  5. Analyze: SEO Pros set your business up with a custom dashboard that reports campaign metrics that matter! You can see how many calls from your site, website forms completed, number of visitors, where visitors came from, and more. Each month we analyze our work and the new data to see what efforts made the most impact. Your project manager breaks down the results and report findings to you. You can also use this data to fuel for other business decisions.
  6. Optimize: Once we know what works for your business and what doesn't, SEO Pros tweaks our approach to constantly improve campaign effectiveness. We take the data and experience collected from your campaign, and revise our plan to reflect the data.

The Partners


Brandon Swenson - CEO
Brandon Swenson is the Founder and CEO of SEO Pros, a tech company in Salt Lake City providing website design & digital marketing services. His exuberance for online marketing is contagious! Over 13 years performing SEO and development for hundreds of companies, his passion, and results have generated millions of dollars for his clients. His hobbies include drone piloting and a new enthusiasm for rock crawling any mountain available.
He honed his business skills and made the move from selling games to founding the Utah SEO Pros in February of 2012. Brandon attended Neumont University and Mountainland Applied Technology College. Brandon has substantial expertise in the fields of Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Website Design, and Online Reputation Management. Brandon’s has worked for several well-known companies and solutions such as Bluehost, TCS, eReplacementParts,, and MRN.
Brandon is also an avid speaker and loves to teach business owners how to market their businesses. If you would like to invite Brandon to speak, you can email him at


Corey Marsh - CSO
Corey Marsh is an owner and the CSO of SEO Pros, a tech company in Salt Lake City providing website design & digital marketing services. Throughout college, his passion for marketing, sales and business growth exposed him to many types of businesses. He started out in all types of sales and then was the in-house marketing director at a local window manufacturer for 5 years and helped bring that company into the digital age and the top online presence in their service area.
A few years ago he partnered with Brandon and since then, they have achieved three-times the business growth. Together they have been made a massive impact on locally- focused business growth for companies throughout the country.
Early on, he demonstrated a talent for sales and regularly found himself on the monthly leader boards. Later, he managed door-to-door sales teams selling home services of different types. After years of sales, Corey went to work for Advanced Window Products to manage the sales team and fill the role of marketing director. During this time, he attended Utah Valley University and then went on to graduate from Western Governors University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management.
Corey is also involved in fitness and life coaching, as well as sharing and teaching his hobbies to others. If you would like a consultation or advice, please contact us!!

The Team

Our digital marketing and website development teams are committed to providing a creative and strategic approach which benefits your business from a well-executed custom marketing plan. SEO Pros does not have set packages because each business and industry is unique and deserve their own approach.

If you're looking for a skilled, enthusiastic one-stop-shop, providing quality work, transparency, precise reporting, and RESULTS - you've found your marketing team!